Website Planning And Strategy Consultation


Whether you’re starting a new site or adding new features to an existing one, an in-depth Website Planning and Strategy Consultation can make the process easy, reduce costs and eliminate headaches and delays.



A major cause of delays, overspent budgets and marketing failures in web development is a lack of in-depth planning at the outset of a project. The Website Planning and Strategy Consultation is designed help businesses and organizations effectively plan for the process, infrastructure, third-party dependencies and costs of new sites and improvements to existing ones.

Each Website Planning and Strategy Consultation includes:

Virtual meeting to define goals

Research and development of best plan to achieve goals

Written plan with detailed implementation guide and linked resources as needed

More Details:

This Consultation product is designed for HTML and WordPress sites only. Please contact me for consultations about static sites (e.g., Gatsby) or apps (e.g., React).

Turnaround time is typically two weeks, from virtual meeting to completed plan.

This product is available to all clients.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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