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The easiest way to get your WordPress site started on Amazon Web Services is with this installation package on Amazon Lightsail.

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For businesses and organizations needing a performant, scaleable WordPress site with a variety of resources available, AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides an ideal cloud hosting solution. But many clients find the setup and configuration confusing and time-consuming. The WordPress Installation On AWS service will take care of all the installation and configuration you need to get started on AWS. This package features installation on Amazon Lightsail. For EC2, please request a quote.

Each Installation Package includes:

Creation of AWS Instance

Installation of WordPress Single Site Or Multisite On AWS Instance

Attach Static IP

WP Admin Settings Per Your Preferences

The DNS Zone & Domain Option

Moving your domain’s DNS management to AWS makes it easier to map your domain to your AWS instance and to use resources like load balancing and CDN distributions. This option includes:

Creation of DNS Zone in AWS

Updating And Transferring Your Current Domain Records

Mapping Your Domain And Subdomains To New AWS Instance

More Details:

Turnaround time for WordPress Installation on AWS is typically within one business day after receiving the needed information from you. DNS and Domain Services are started within one business day after receiving the needed information from you, and may take up to 72 hours before the changes are propagated.

This product is available to all clients.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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